Completed Projects

Sr.Name of WorkPrincipal EmployerDate of Work OrderPeriod
Construction of Wadzire Tail TankEE, Pimpalgaon Joge Dam Div, Narayangaon25.08.200918 Months
Construction of M.I.Tank at Amby Valley for Sahara Lake City, Lonavala.Aamby valley Ltd., Lonavla15.12.200118 Months
Construction of earthwork & structures in Km. Nos. 105 to 130 of Arphal Canal & its Disnet workEE Karawadi, Karad, Satara.06.03.200436 Months
Construction of cement concrete mechanized lining of Arphal Canal in Km.105 to 130EE Karawadi, Satara.23.02.200712 Months
Rehabilitation work of Mula Right Bank Canal Br. I, II & PBCExecutive Engineer, Mula Irrigation Division, Ahmednagar.02.07.200754 Months
Construction of Earthen Dam, waste weir & head regulator of Karajgaon M.I. Tank, Tal. Chandur bazar, Dist. Amarawati.Executive Engineer, Amravati Project Division, Amaravati (MH)31.07.200824 Months
Constructing Supplimentary Storage Tank @ Amble Tal & Dist - SataraExeucutive Engineer, Dhom Irrigation Division, Satara (MH)31.08.200924 Months
Construction of Earth Work & Structures of Dhom Balkawadi Canal in Km. No. 93 to 100.Executive Engineer, Dhom Balkawadi Project Division, Wai.09.07.200818 Months
Extension and Improvement of Mula Right Bank Canal Km. No. 1 to 16, 18, 20, 23 to 26 of Mula ProjectExecutive Engineer, Mula Irrigation Division, Ahmednagar.01.02.201012 Months
10 Construction of 10M wide Chakan-Shikrapur Road, Km.23 to 53.EE, Public Works Project Division, Pune.18.01.200013 Months
 11Construction of major bridge across Nira river @ Ch.69/600, Railway over bridge @ Ch.74/200 & improvements of road from 68/525 to 75/800.EE, Public Works Division, Satara.18.06.200412 Months
 12Prakasha – Chadwel – Samoda – Vinchur Road (SH No. 7) in Km. 80/000 to 139/700 and Km. 154/200 to 174/400 and Section of the Bhabadbari to Sogras Phata (MDR No. 77) in Km. 0/000 to 7/000 (Total Length 86.90 Kms.), and Satana & Dahiwel Bypass in Nashik DistrictEE, Public Works Project Division, Malegaon.07.04.2011 18 Years & 7 Months (Including Concession Period)
 13Construction of Earthen Dam, Waste Weir and Appurtenant Works at Muchkundi M.I. Project Near Village Prabhanvalli, Tal- Lanja Dist-RatnagiriEE, Irrigation Project Construction Division, Ratnagiri13.10.200548 Months
 14Chandrabhaga Barrage Minor Project Tq. Daryapur Dist. Amravati. Construction of Earthen Dam, Gated Spillway & Irrigation outlet, Tal. Dariyapur, Dist. AmravatiExecutive Engineer, Purna Medium Project Division, Amaravati.26.08.200936 Months
 15Construction of Irrigation Cum Power Outlet (Tunnel Type) @ R.D. 80 m. for Muchkundi Minor Irrigation Project, Tal. - Lanja, Dist.- RatnagiriExecutive Engineer, Irrigation Project Construction Division, Ratnagiri (MH)01.11.201024 Months
 16Widening & Strengthening of existing Highway section to Two Laning with paved shoulder of National Highway No. 848 which includes section from km 16/000 to km 34/000, km 39/000 to 57/000 & km 62/000 to 65/600 (approximately 39.600 km) (Design chainage 16+025 to 33+943, 38+945 to 56+533 & 61+515 to 65+115) (approx. 39.106 km) in Nashik district in the state of Maharashtra. (50% by RPCEPL & 40% by PBA, through PBA-RAJ JV).National Highway Authority of India, Delhi.11.04.201624 Months
 17Package-149 (a) Improvements to Wanamarapalli -Raichur SH-15 from Km 255.00 to Km 260.00 in Yadgir taluka of Yadgir Dist. (b) Improvements to Mudhol-Yeregera SH-127 from Km 72.00 to Km 76.00 in Gurmitkal taluka of Yadgir Dist. (c) Improvements to Shahapur-Shivarampur SH-149 from Km 0.00 to Km 21.41 in Shahpur taluka of Yadgir Dist.The Chief Engineer, PIU-State Highway Development Project, PWD Annex Building. K.R. Circle, Bengaluru - 560001.18.06.201624 Months
 18NSK-69 Improvement of Amrapur Pathardi Kada Mirajgaon Karjat Bhigwan Road SH-54 Km 33/00 to 92/500. Dist. Ahmednagar (Nagar District Border to Karjat) in the State of Maharashtra under MRIP on Hybrid Annuity Mode ProjectExecutive Engineer, P.W. Division, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra12.12.201824 Months
 19PN 51, Improvements to Malharpeth- Umbraj- Masur- Mayani - Diganchi -Mahud – Pandharpur Road S.H.143 (Km 55/000 to 107/000 Dist. Satara and Sangali & Km 107/000 to 153/420 Dist. Solapur (Part-I Mayani to Diganchi Km 60/000 to Km 107/000) (Proposed length km 60/000-km 107/000) in the state of Maharashtra on (Hybrid Annuity) ModeExecutive Engineer, P.W. Division, Pandharpur, Maharashtra07.03.201924 Months
 20NSK-68 Improvement of Amrapur Pathardi Kada Mirajgaon Karjat Bhigwan Road SH-54 Km 0/00 to 33/00. Dist. Ahmednagar (Amrapur to Nagar District Border) in the State of Maharashtra under MRIP on Hybrid Annuity Mode and Improvement of NH-222 Pathardi Chinchpur Ijde Shirur Raimoh Rajuri road and SH-59 and ODR-93 to Mohata Devi Temple Km 0/00 to 15/900 and 0/00 to 2/200 Dist. Ahmednagar (Pathardi to Mohata Devi Temple) in the State of Maharashtra under MRIP on Hybrid Annuity Mode ProjectExecutive Engineer, EGS Division, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra01.01.201924 Months